TOTI Salvage Corporation


Jack Corsica’s pirate ship, The Black Pearl, sank on 1547 during a tropical Typhoon.  The ship took its precious cargo with it to the bottom of the sea; 2 round black cases full of diamonds and other precious gems.  Boat documents found on the shore of a nearby island provide some information about the last boat location before it sank.  The documents also had information on the cases.


TOTI Salvage Corporation just hired you to find the wreck and retrieve the cases from the bottom of the sea.  Based on the boat documents found; this is the data you have to work with:


1)     TOTI Salvage CO will give you a precise location from where to start the search.

2)     From starting point, dive bearing 145 deg at a depth of 30 ft.  The sea bottom is composed of very light particles that if disturbed, will block visibility for several days and therefore destroying any possibility of finding the wreck.  The bottom is at 40ft.  Average visibility is 10ft.

3)     Continue dive for a maximum horizontal distance of 100ft.  Look continuously at the bottom for any signs of the wreck.  The area is protected from currents.  Expect calm underwater conditions. 

4)     Once the first sign of the wreck is sited, mark your location and start a search pattern.  Continue searching until the cases are found.

5)     Each case weights 20 lbs and water displacement is minimal.  The diameter of each case is about 1ft.  The Black Pearl is laying at 40 ft of water.

6)     Secure the cases and bring them to the surface.