Advance Course Specialties


  • Night Diving - Night diving equipment and procedures.  Dive at night to a maximum depth of 60ft.


  • Peak Buoyancy - Buoyancy control and hovering techniques.  Dive the underwater diamond track.


  • Wreck Diving - Wreck diving techniques and equipment.  Penetrate the Sikorsky H-37 helicopter wreck. 


  • Underwater Naturalist - Study the underwater world.


  • Search and Recovery - Underwater search techniques.  Salvage techniques.  Learn to use lift bags.  You will bring an underwater object to the surface weighing more than 20 lbs.


  • Deep Dive - Dive to 90ft.  Experience nitrogen narcosis.  Deep diving techniques and procedures.


  • Underwater Navigation - underwater navigation techniques, 0 visibility diving, using your instruments and compass work.


  • Fish Recognition - Kind of self-explanatory!