Dutch Springs





The Lake


Dutch Springs is a spring-fed lake located near Bethlehem, PA.    It is basically a SCUBA park with an abundance of underwater “attractions”.


Visibility: up to 40ft!

Max Depth: 100ft max

Water Temp: Mid to High 70’s (August)

Wrecks: Helicopter, Airplane, Truck, School Bus and many more. 

Underwater Resources: Suspended underwater platforms at 25ft and 60ft.  No need to be at the bottom to practice skills. 


For fees and additional info please visit www.dutchsprings.com.












SCUBA Camping


We leave CT Saturday morning, camp Saturday night and return Sunday afternoon.  If you are taking the Open Water or the Advance SCUBA course you will be diving both days.  Non-students can dive Saturday and Sunday, or just one day.  Non-divers are welcome.  Dutch Springs has many activities for the non diver folks.



You need to bring your own gear.  We camp next to the lake in a pretty big grassy area.  The parking area is next to the campsite.  The bathrooms and showers are open 24hrs.



Dutch Springs has a food place open until 4:30pm.  They sell burgers and stuff like that.  It is not cheap!  You can bring a grill (gas or charcoal) and as much food/snacks as you like.  For dinner, there are restaurants nearby in case you don’t want to cook your own food.  You can bring a grill (charcoal) or a gas stove.  Usually we cook hotdogs for lunch and chicken/steak for dinner.


Diving and SCUBA gear

Visit the Dutch Springs website for all the diving details and fees.  You can dive as much as you like and visit as many wrecks as possible; that’s up to you and your buddy.  Let me know if you need to rent SCUBA gear for the weekend.  I can arrange it for you.  Air fills are available at Dutch Springs.