Bikini Diving

Diving at Bikini is the ultimate diving adventure.  Not only do you get to dive a fleet of World War II battleships, destroyers and aircraft carriers, you get to dive a fleet of ships sank by a NUCLEAR bomb!!

But diving at Bikini is not for the faint of heart.  The fleet rests at the bottom of Bikini Lagoon at a depth of 180ft and in order to spend a decent amount of bottom time, decompression diving is required.    And this is only the beginning!  Bikini Atoll is located is the middle of nowhere.  The nearest airport/town/city is located  250 miles away and it is not really a city or town, it's a military base located in Kwajalein Atoll.  So, what I am trying to say is that the possibility of an emergency evacuation due to a diving emergency is almost 0.  Yes, they will eventually come and get you, but it might take a couple of days!! So, if you want to dive bikini make sure you are an experienced diver with deep and decompression diving knowledge.   

My rig consisted of the following:

  • Dual 85 steel cylinders with manifold

  • 90lb OMS Dual Bladder with aluminum backplate system

  • 2 Nitek He Decompression computers

  • Dual Regulator set with 7ft hose

  • 3mm Wetsuit

  • 1mm Hood and gloves

  • 2 Flashlights (one LED, one canister type)

  • Deco slate

  • Ikelite 30D Camera Housing

The Bikini Atoll Diver package includes one week at Bikini Island with a total of 12 dives (about two dives a day).  Due to a problem we had with a typhoon named Ioke and to the great scheduling service of Air Marshall Airlines (the official airlines of the Marshall Islands), we only did 8 dives.

We dove the Anderson, Saratoga, Apagon, Lamnson and Nagato.  The dives were amassing and the visibility was awesome. Take a look at the SCUBA picture gallery to see the underwater shots.

Typhoon Ioke pass to the north of us generating massive swells and heavy winds.  Due to the rough conditions at the lagoon, we had to cancel several dives.  And trust me, in a place like Bikini, you do not want to dive in less than perfect conditions!

On top of this, our friends at Air Marshall Airlines decided to change planes on us the same day we were flying out to Bikini.  For some unknown reason (they had multiple stories...) the big plane that was suppose to fly us and our gear out to Bikini was replaced by a smaller Dornier 228. The problem: the smaller plane can only carry passenger, NO LUGGAGE!!!!

So here we are...on Majuro's International airport, ready to go diving at Bikini, but we can not take our diving equipment!  To make a long story short, they flew us out to Bikini with minimal baggage (25lbs each - we literally had to carry our basic SCUBA gear next to us on the plane), which meant no cameras, no clothing, no flashlights....  pretty much no nothing!

4 days later our bags arrived at Bikini!

So, if you ever go to Bikini, be prepare for a chaotic adventure.  Not because of the typhoon; that's just only weather (there nothing you can do about that!), but because of the Air Marshall Islands awesome scheduling ability!