The Atoll

Bikini Atoll is one of 29 coral atolls within the Republic of the Marshall Islands.  With Majuro Atoll as is capital, the Marshall Islands are located in the central Pacific Ocean between 4 and 19 N latitude and between 160 and 175 E longitude. Although only having a total 29 coral atolls, when put together; the Marshall Islands have over 1000 islands scattered over a massive area of 750,000 square miles of ocean.

Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll is located on the northwest tip of the Marshall Islands territory.  It is approximately 500 miles northwest of Majuro.  Bikini is a classic coral atoll with small low-lying islands which encircle a large central lagoon.

Aerial Picture of Bikini Atoll

Some of the atoll islands include: Bikini, Eneu, Nam, Bokonegiem, Bokbata, Eneman, Enidrik and Oroken.