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Bikini Home

Bikini Atoll was the site of 23 nuclear bomb tests during the late 1940s and 1950s.  It was an area of the world not known to many by the end of World War II, but it was rush to fame by the then new gadget called the Atom Bomb. 

Known to some as the Cold War battleground, Bikini is now the resting place of the Nuclear Ghost Fleet.  A naval fleet of World War II ships assembled for the sole purpose of understanding the destructive power of the Atom Bomb.  The fleet casualties now rest 180ft below the surface at the bottom of Bikini Lagoon, sank by the worlds first underwater nuclear explosion: Operation Crossroads bomb code name Baker.

Column of water generated by the Baker detonation

Join me as I dive Bikini Lagoon and explore some of the most memorable ships during World War IIs battle for the pacific.